Yacht Racing Instrument Systems

Screen shots of the Ventus Navigator in action.

Onboard with Ventus Navigation:

Half Ton Classics Cup - Boulogne, France
Checkmate XV - 1st place 2013 Half TonCup

Trans Pac 2013

           Off Molokai                Into the Rainbow      A Trans Pac Sunset

Navigator Andrew Crowe was nice to send along these pictures from this year's Trans Pac onboard Ragamuffin 100.  "Hi Harry,  Attached are a couple of shots from the boat... most of the time it was me taking photos with the device that was running Ventus!"

        Trans Pac Start                 At Speed                 Trans Pac Finish 

Thanks to Christophe Favreau and Will Oxley for sending us these photos of Lending Club from the 2013 Trans Pac!
Copyright: Lending Club / Christophe Favreau

Examples of some of the data you can display:
       Racing Data            Wind Data          Upwind Targets     Downwind Targs

Screen Shots of display modes:

Helm: Day Mode                                Helm: Night Mode

                                Ventus PRO MOB Screens