Yacht Racing Instrument Systems

Expedition Software: If you need to purchase Expedition, or have not downloaded the most recent copy, you should. There are quite a few valuable  improvements. Expedition Marine

USB Connections: We have seen issues on many boats with connecting the instrument system to the computer running Expedition. The problems are 3 fold: first is the need to create a Virtual com port because most new computers don't have one, just USB ports. Second is that NMEA data is not fully RS232 compatible, it is actually RS422. And most importantly you often find ground loops in the wiring system which will result in bad or spotty data, and can actually harm your equipement. The Actisense USG-1-422 solves all these problems and we HIGHLY recommend it! Actisense

 Routers: Most all wireless routers these days run on 12 volts and can either be wired directly into your boat or run with a "cigarette lighter" adapter. If wiring directly into the boat be aware of the positive and negative wires on the router, connecting + to + and - to -. Crossing the wires will short out the router. We are currently using a NETGEAR  WNR2000-100NAS and a Net Gear WNDR 3400 v2, but anything similar will work.

Here is another great option and because it plugs into your USB port you don't need to power it. The Engenius EUB1200AC is high powered dual band AC USB adapter. It is available for around $45.00


We have also received good report on this Mini Wireless Router although we have not tested it oureselves. Very easy to use and very inexpensive.
mini router

The Lifeproof Waterproof cases - Availble Now: slim, trim, and added shock resistance for iPhone 4/4S & 5, iPads, and now for the iPad Mini. Along with nice mounts and arm bands they also have an iPhone Float Jacket.


The Aqua Tek S  from Snow Lizard is available now. It is a very rugged waterproof case with a built in Solar Charger and integrated 2000mAh battery for extended use. We have been using the test case they sent us and it is excellent. Very rugged and the extended battery is a great addition.

Looking for a Ruggedized, Daylight Readable Device?
With our Ventus PRO Android app now available there are great choices for devices that are both waterproof and daylight readable.

Check here: http://www.mobilephonedevelopment.com/RuggedAndroid/