Yacht Racing Instrument Systems
Pebble Watch Support

Pebble Watch Support is now available for both our Android Version and iOS version of Ventus PRO. With the best Daylight Readable Display and battery life available it makes a great addition for Drivers or Trimmers that need to see specific data easily.

It is available as an In-App Purchase on the Exp Com page for $9.99.

You also need to install the VentusPRO.pbw file on your watch which we provide for free. You can download it for Free from our website             <VentusPRO app>.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the Pebble app to you phone. Then email our VentuPRO.pbw file to you phone. Once you download it to your phone make sure you have your Pebble watch paired and connected then just click on the app to install it.

Use is quite simple. After you do the In-App purchase click on the Pebble button on the Exp Com page. You can then select 4 channels of data to send to your Pebble,  Data A and B will display on  screen 1 and Data C and D will display on screen 2 on your Pebble. For Example set Data A to Bsp and Data B to Target Bsp to view those two sailing upwind, and set Data C and Data D to Twa and Target Twa for sailing downwind. If your instruments show accurate Bsp and Twa you can set Data A to Target Bsp and Data B to Target Twa so you have both upwind and downwind targets showing on the watch. Then set Data C and D to something like Mark Bearing and Opposite Track so you know when you are on the laylines either upwind or downwind.

On your Pebble Watch go to Settings, then scroll down to VentusPro and press the center button on the watch. You will see screen 1 displayed with the two data streams you have selected. Press the center button again to toggle back and forth between screen 1 and screen 2.

NOTE: Because of the slight lag time with receiving data on your phone we DO NOT recommend setting a channel to receive any Start Time data. The watch display could be 1 to 2 seconds behind the actual time.