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Introducing Ventus Pro
Now at the <App Store> for $149.99
Current users - Please contact us for <Upgrade> information.

NOTE: You MUST have at least Expedition version 8.6.14 loaded to use Ventus PRO. Earlier versions do not have the ability to accept commands.

Ventus PRO maintains all the great features of the Ventus Navigator but has been expanded to give you control of important Expedition features from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.


The new Expedition Command page gives you the ability to:

Ping the port and starboard ends of the starting line

Use the Expedition Timer

View the current Active Mark

Select the mark you want to be active

Set and Record a MOB Position

 For the Start Timer you can select either a 15, 10, 5, or 3 minute timer, each of which will start counting up from the start time, or a 5 minute revolving timer.

We have also added the command to start the Expedition MOB routine that drops a locked mark at the position as well as recording the latitude and longitude. The Ventus screen instantly switches over to show you the range and bearing to the MOB mark. At the same time Expedition locks the mark and also makes it the current active mark so that its position, range, and bearing will show up on any other displays you have the are showing information on the current active mark. The MOB button is prominently displayed at the bottom left corner of each page. This feature has been included to meet the ISAF requirement of having a MOB system capable of being started from each helm station for Category 1 and 2 races.

Computers can be less reliable than a purpose built GPS, so always use your boat's GPS system as your primary MOB position fix system. Use the Ventus Navigation App to control Expedition as a backup - displaying the track on the Ventus screen is a visual way of seeing your way back.  Ventus Navigation and its products or not designed or intended as a primary life safety control or a position fix system.